Thursday, 5 May 2011

FBC Hikes

On Sunday May 1, a number of us headed out for our first hike with Mike for the year. There were 22 of us that made the trip + 2 dogs. We started at the top of the Park Royal sub-division and climed to the top of Windy Bluff Look-out. It was a great time and we certainly hope that these photos will help encourage you to come on our next hike. 

The gang

 We experienced some of the beauty of this late arriving spring.

 Despite their little legs these hikers did an awesome job and walked most of the way...
 Although some needed the occasional rest.
 There was some drama along the way that needed our attention. (Thank goodness for Swiss Army tweezers)
It was really a happy time for all, especially those with bubbles.

We hope that you join us for our next hike on Saturday, June 11th. We will be doing a hike in Premier Provincial park, exploring three different turtle filled lakes. For more info you can contact our fearless leader Mike Swan.  

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