Wednesday, 22 June 2011

FBC...Digs a Pit?

I can remember as a kid responding to that boyish urge to dig a hole as deep as I possibly could. Lots of times I quit after only a few feet, and I of course never filled the hole back in (much to my dads disliking). Well for some reason this urge is not something males grow out of, we simply suppress it or disguise it. Glen Post and Tom Jackson have recently responded to this urge in grand fashion though. The two of them dug a pit so deep in the back yard of the church that they needed to dig themselves a trail to get out. Now they did have an accomplice in this matter...and he did have a backhoe, but when you see the pictures I think you will agree this was an incredible accomplishment nonetheless.

Some of you might be asking, "Why did they dig a pit?" Great question! I am glad you asked.

During the winter we have some problems with ice.
So we had Jim and Kevin dig out the drain.
Next we had this guy drill through the wall where we wanted to put the drain pipe.
Now we have a drain pipe that is 4 ft lower than before. (This is good)
"Bring in the big guns!"
Tom could not believe he had to move these piles of dirt out of the way with the wheelbarrow. 
They dug a trench that continued to get deeper as they went.
It was a good thing we had this guy and his machine. Look at the size of that rock he lifted out of there!

In the early years of digging, we are always hoping to discover treasure.
"Is that treasure I smell?" "No. Its sewage."
So that had to be patched up.

What we were really doing was digging a big pit for water from the flat roof to drain into.

We filled the pit with crushed stone.

And then ran our drain pipe into it. 

This is all run below the frost line so that the pipe doesn't freeze and back up anymore. It was quite a project, and we are thankful to Glen for doing this. As with all projects though there are some yahoos who you just take pity on and let them feel like they are helping. Thanks Glen and Tom for your quick thinking in coming up with jobs for these guys.

Now, one final word here. Thank you to the "Sweeping Bandit" who swept in here undetected last night and did a great job cleaning up the mess in the parking lot.

Have a great week.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

FBC Hikes Premier Lake

This past weekend we had the privilege of exploring the the countryside with some fabulous folks. Here are some of the images that tell the story of our time together.

There were 12 of us all together

We hiked through some fantastic smelling forest with lakes as our destination.

This one was so nice we decided to have our lunch at it. 

We saw some wildlife out there as well.


We all had a great time and think that you should definitely join us on the next one.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Church Picnic Part 1

Here are some photos from the Church Picnic on June 5th. It was a great time of fun together. Check back later for more pics.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Yes, Restore continues to exist. Again this year we are involved in activities that can augment the improvement of our environment. On the occasion of the photo seen here, we were cleaning up the Victoria Ave flowerbed. Our church has been maintaining this bed for the city (and for us) for the past few years. Wendy Clibbett is now putting together a schedule for the summer maintenance of this site, located between 2nd & 2nd on Victoria.
(left to right) Arnold, Abe, James, Heather, Al, Tom, Wayne, and Wendy.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Greetings and Celebrations

This week we have a brief message from missionaries we support in Kenya and then some items of celebration for various members of our FBC community.
We start with an email I received from Yattani & Salome who are national missionaries in Kenya East Africa.

Dear friends and supporters,
Greetings from Kenya. My name is Yattani Gollo, I am a National Field Staff with CBM and working among the Somali communities in North East Kenya. We thank God  for you and appreciate all of your financial support towards our ministry here in Kenya. We thank God for the commitment of First Baptist Cranbook church for supporting us.
We are doing well here, though it is quite dry in NE Kenya for it has not rained for the last two years.
My wife's name is Salome Salo and we are awaiting the gift of our baby(first born) any time this term. We covet your prayers during this time of transition in our lives.
May God richly bless you for your prayers and also generous financial support.
I thessalanians 3:12(NIV): "May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as our does for you."
Yours in Christ
Salome and Yattani(Kenya)
It is a wonderful privilege that we have to be able to support this brother and sister in Christ even though we may never meet them face to face this side of eternity. 
Now on to the celebrations portion of our post. 
There are a few people that have come to our attention that have come to some significant milestones in life, and we thought it would be appropriate to mention them here. 
Photo courtesy of Sam Breakey, former regional minister. 
As mentioned in other places, Pastor Kevin recently attended his own graduation ceremony in Vancouver this past weekend. Kevin received his certificate from the Centre for Spiritual Formation marking the half-way point towards completing his Masters of Spiritual Formation through Carey Theological College.

Don Corrigal is currently vacationing his way into retirement. Don has worked in the Public Health sector since 1976, and as of June 30th will be officially retired. Don Spent time in many communities throughout his carrier including, Gibson, Grand Forks, Vanderhoof, Kelowna, and eventually Cranbrook. Don and Wendy are looking forward to traveling and spending lots of time with their new grandchild. Don is also looking forward to taking care of Wendy with lots of gourmet meals and foot massages as she continues in her job. (I might have made some of those details up) Congratulations Don!

Jack Lindquist is celebrating his 40th year in ministry this year. In a field that does not boast many long term stories it is a joy to see Jack still going strong as he continues to be involved in regular appearances in the Jaffery United Church as well as his international work in the outback of Australia. Jack has spent time in 100 Mile House, Squamish, and most importantly for many of us 22 years here in Cranbrook. During the last 4 years Jack has been a minister at large, and we are delighted to have him, and his lovely wife Mary, as part of our family here at FBC.
Even though he has been finished for a few months we would still like to mention the Honourable Jim Abbott. The reason we use "the Honourable" is because Jim was appointed to the Queen's Privy Council for Canada. I found that out from Wikipedia. Jim was involved in politics as an MP from 1993 until late 2010 when he announced his retirement. It is no no small thing to venture into the world of public life, and to do so while maintaining a scandal free reputation for so many years is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations Jim!