Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Opportunity in the Mountains

This Summer we are once again pleased to have regular church hikes organized by Mike and Joanne Swan. Here are some pictures from the last 2 hikes we have been on. The first set is from Fish Lake in Top of the World Provincial Park. The second set is from Cooper Lake.

9 of us headed out for a 2 night camp out at Fish Lake.

The trail is well maintained and pretty gradual in elevation gain.

This is a view of Fish Lake from a lookout that some hiked to on the Saturday.

The group runs into some snow on their hike.

If you are the fourth person to email me the correct name of this critter I will give you a prize.


Here is the group that went to Cooper Lake. What a good looking bunch they are.

"Is this the lake?" 

Everyone enjoying the fire.

The next hike is on August the 13th to Bear Lake. These hikes are a great opportunity to get to know people from the church. Hope you can join us on the next one.


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