Thursday, 18 August 2011

FBC Hikes With Mike: Bear Lake

On Saturday, Aug 13, we had our FBC hike to Bear Lake. This beautiful little gem of a lake is located up the Wild Horse River valley in the rugged Rockey Mountains. As you will see from the pictures, there was a good sized group of us who made the trip, and it was really enjoyable to be in such a wonder inspiring place with these people.

Bear Lake
See, I told you there were quite a few of us.

The trail was pretty steep but we still managed to get all the kids up there,
We hiked to this great spot near the middle of the lake where we ate lunch.

Some went swimming.

Some got a little goofy from all the candy Joanne Swan was pumping into them.

All had a great time though.

Even our youngest hiker enjoyed herself...and the raisins she kept asking for.
  We had a great time and hope that you will consider joining us on the next hike we take.

Bye for now,