Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Silence Encouragement

I want to encourage you in light of this past Sunday. Silence and
solitude are uncommon, perhaps uncomfortable in our lives. When we
try and engage them we can find ourselves either incredibly tired, on
the verge of falling asleep, to frustrated at the many things rambling
in our heads. Stick with it, don't beat yourself up or feel guilty if
it doesn't seem to be working. The Lord is patient and loving and
desires to take whatever time and frequency is needed to develop
"alone time" with you. And as Richard Foster points out “The fruit
of solitude (and silence) is increased sensitivity and compassion for
others. There comes a new freedom to be with people. There is a new
attentiveness to their needs, new responsiveness to their hurts.”
In the same way, as you spend time with God, realize that God in
compassion and sensitivity is completely attentive to you, working to
bring freedom and healing to your life in the areas that you are in
need. Our world, our city, or work and hobby places, our homes, our
lives need compassion and sensitivity. Let us be alone with him, let
it begin there.
Peace, grace and courage to you.
Pastor Kevin

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