Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Creation Art

A while ago Kevin and I had a conversation about different forms of worship and how that looks or feels within the Church body. This led to him asking me to read and reflect on a passage (Genesis 1-2:3) to gain inspiration and then somehow depict what I got out of that passage in my own worshipful way. I was asked to think about what worship means to me as I read this passage and how I would express that worship. The passage describes the glorious thing that God has done by creating this earth for us and by creating us to live on this earth as examples of His love. We have received this gift, regardless of how undeserving we feel we are of it. No matter how overwhelmed, humbled or undeserving we may feel, God has still given us this gift. Even if we try and shy away from it we are still recipients of God's love and stewards of this Earth. The fact that God granted us dominion over His Creation, enforces how we are responsible of caring for all of God's creation.

The act of making this piece was a good exercise for me as it reminded me of how we have a caring and loving Saviour who has entrusted us with so much, yet he is still intimately involved in our lives. As I made the painting I was mindful of worship and used it as a medium to connect with God. This medium works for me as it allows me to say what I am feeling without having to find the words. The end result often says more than I may realize at the time and I often find that I will not know why I put something into my art until months later.


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