Tuesday, 11 September 2012

This past Sunday in Jr. Church we looked at Psalm 139 and how God fearfully & wonderfully made us - we're incredible! We watched part of the Disney movie, "The Incredibles" and talked about how we are strong like Mr. Incredible because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil 4:13), how we are like Elasti-girl because God stretches us everyday, how through prayer God creates for us a force field like Violet's, like Dash we are winners in this race we are in and just like Frozone needs water, we need the Holy Spirit to help us. So no matter what anyone says to you, remember that God made you incredible and that in Christ you are truly incredible.
After the lesson I had them answer questions about their incredible selves in groups or individually. I wanted to share some of my favorite answers.

What favorite food keeps you incredible?
"Beets" - Gabe, age 7
"Meatballs" - Rachel, age 7
"Candy" - Stef, age 11
"Sushi" - Justin, age 9
"Potatoes" - Paige, age 7

What is an incredible quality about you? (What do people like about you?)
"I run fast" - Thomas, age 5
"I'm precious" - Yolanda, age 6
"I am good" - Rachel, age 7
"I'm cute" - Clark, age 5

What story in the bible do you think is incredible?
"Birth of Jesus" - Libby, age 7
"Story of Rahab" - Kaliana, age 10
"David and Goliath" - Isabella, age 8
"Jesus on the cross" - Autumn, age 5

What is one thing about Jesus that you think is incredible?
"He sacrificed his life for me" - Kaliana, age 10
"He can be everywhere at once" - Libbey, age 7
"He protects us" - Clark, age 5

Who do you think is someone incredible and why?
"God, because he can control the weather" - Paige, age 7
"Paige, because she helps me when I need it" - Kayla, age 6
"God, because it's really cool what he can do." - Libbey, age 7
"Boys that are my friends because their fast." - Yolanda, age 6
"My dad because he climbs mountains" - Malayah, age 5

What is something incredible you did this past summer?
"White water rafting" - Isabella, age 8
"Got to go to Oregon" - Nina, age 9
"Front flip" - Hope, age 7
"Swimming at the pool" - Payton, age 5

What is something incredible you would like to do when you grow up?
"Become a doctor" - Isabella, age 8
"Climb Fisher Peak" - Nina, age 9
"Help people" - Yolanda, age 6
"Teach church" - Libby, age 7
"Teach people how to horseride and be a cowgirl" - Kayla, age 6
"Work at Fort Steele" - Paige, age 7
"Ride on a bucking bronco" - Ian, age 6
"Work with my dad" - Payton, age 5
"Be a scientist" - Gabe, age 7

What do you think is an incredible thing about heaven?
"Do what we want" - Autumn, age 5
"I get to live forever" - Stef, age 11
"You see Jesus" - Hope, age 7
"You never have to sleep" - Ian, age 6
"You get a new body" - Libby, age 7
"Mean things turn nice" - Yolanda, age 6