Friday, 12 July 2013

Fish Lake Campout

On the Canada Day weekend a bunch of us headed up to Fish Lake in beautiful Top of the World Provincial Park. I asked one of the younger hikers to write about her experience. Enjoy!

Fish  Lake
by  Paige Hansen
We came a day late. I was sad!  I woke everybody up earlier than usual (like at 6:00am). We ate quick and got on the road for Fish Lake. When we were driving we saw lots of bunnies. As we were hiking in we saw some beer on the side of the trail. Someone must have been tired of carrying them in the day before. Payton and I got candies when we were walking in to keep us motivated. While we were walking we made up a story about the legend of Fish Lake. When we got to the lake no one was there. We started to set up our tent. Our site was right beside a really messy site. Our neighbours were the people who left the beer on the trail the night before. The lake was beautiful. We went fishing in it. And later when everyone got back to the camp we went for a dip. It was cold! My dad thought Mr. Mike’s “Swan” dive was the best. My dunks were also fantastic. One of my favorite foods was the chocolate fondue. It was delicious! The kids all took turns walking the dog Alpine on the hike out. It was awesome! Even though we missed part of the trip it was still one of the best “Hikes With Mike.”