Thursday, 6 March 2014

News from Uganda

Following is a note from Ruth Fennema on how things have been going at New Hope Uganda.

It's only taken an entire week, but I finally have a little bit of limited internet access. We are doing well and enjoying getting to know new and old friends again. 
Josh and Matt have been working on many projects including welding the Clinic and Kitchen doors so they can be mounted. I know Matt is missing Alison, Caedmon, and baby Kidd  a lot. He is a natural here and has fit it really well. As soon as we got off the plane Josh fit back into Ugandan culture with greetings and conversation. He has been working alongside the nationals here and having a great time working on challenging projects with Matt. 
Future of Uganda
I am working on  inventory for the clinic and am like a child in candyland sorting through donate medical supplies and preparing to put them to use. I am also writing up health education sessions for the local fishing villages as an outreach. 
This weekend I will be helping with Sunday school and doing a medical outreach to the kids of the local villages. I hear that Matt might be joining in the service on Sunday playing Jembe, and Josh made a dinner triangle so we don't have to wait for meals that are on Ugandan time while we are working on American time lol!
Everyone loves Toby and wants to hold or touch him. 
Continued prayer would be appreciated for good health as the guys avoid sunburns and dehydration, Toby gets rid of a rash (apparently it is normal for kids here), and I hope the mosquitoes stop loving me so much. 
Thanks to everyone who supported us to get here, we are in awe of how God has worked through our church and community.

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