Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Blessing in Garbage?

“A blessing from Jesus in this garbage dump of a situation.” This is a funny line that has stuck with me from some movie I watched. I was thinking about it today after reading about the mess that campers out at Koocanusa left behind this past Victoria Day weekend. 

Where are the blessings in this situation?
If the land out at Koocanusa was personified, what do you think it would be saying, thinking, doing right now? “What happened!?” “Why would people do this to me?” “Did I do something to deserve this?” “I can’t let anyone see me like this.” “I have to be strong.” “I’m a failure.” “I can never let humans be here again.” The land might choose to swallow and bury the mess. These might be some ways the land reacts to this atrocity.
A lot of us have situations that have happened in our lives that kind of resemble this scene. Some part of us that we care about and value for its simple beauty has been tainted and trashed and left in ruins. We might have had some of the same reactions the land has had in our story above. There is something worth noticing from the news report on Koocanusa. A community is getting together to take positive action to restore the site as best they can, and also to prevent this from happening again. I think that is a blessing found in this garbage dump of a situation. I think that it might be a key for us to understand where we might find a blessing in those messed up situations of our own lives. Who were the people that came to be with us and helped us work through guilt and shame and anger? Jesus leads such a community. Do we dare to trust him with the restoration of our broken lives.


  1. Beautiful analogy.

  2. I love the question "Who were the people that came to be with us and helped us work through guilt and shame and anger?" I want those people in my life and I want to be one of those people for others.

  3. I agree Nancy. I want to be with and one of those people too.