Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Voice of Wisdom

If you recall Hans Christian Andersen’s tail of The Emperor’s New Clothes, it is a story about a man and his entire country being scammed by two con artists. The scam is that the emperor is sold some clothing that foolish people cannot see. Everyone in the kingdom has heard about this magical fabric and doesn’t want to admit they can’t see it, so they pretend they can. It is a lie that only works based on our human desire to be known as competent. The risk of confronting these two scammers about their lie is that they could be called a fool.

Have you ever been in one of these situations where you knew that what was being said as the Gospel Truth was really no truth at all? It is a dodgy place to be in (especially if you don’t like conflict). We are exposed to cons, or illusions, all the time. In a consumer driven culture there is no end to the tales people will spin in order to sell their products.

(thank you infomercials)

Illusions are not just limited to people in sales. We are pretty good at creating our own illusions.
We convince ourselves that we are one of the few people on the planet that can actually handle high doses of fructose corn syrup without any negative health effects.

Or that people we work with really are all laughing at us when we are not around.

Or that this really is the year the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup. (Okay, that one might be delusion)

In the story about the Emperor, nobody could escape the anxiety they felt about appearing foolish long enough to say anything about their leader’s nudity. Nobody, that is, except for a child. Jesus told his disciples that in order to enter the Kingdom of God they must become like children. (Matt. 18:3) What are some childlike questions that come to your mind about the life you live? Might the voice of Wisdom be present in those questions?