Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Walking Together

It would appear that FBC likes to walk. From the dozen or so that walked with Wendy this past spring to the 3 dozen that went to Fish Lake in Top of the World Provincial park in mid-July, there seems to be something about traveling by foot that connects with us. 

The May 30th History Walk with Wendy
The June 27th History Walk with Wendy
This picture was clear, it seems to have had difficulty in the process of getting here. You can still appreciate the size of the group that went.

"Rain or shine, I'm having a good time."

Paid extra for the luxury experience.



First fish!

Sure walking is slower than driving, but it lets you be in a space at your own pace. You are free to notice and experience sights, sounds, smells, the temperature of the air and even tastes (especially if you are with others who bring snacks). It is probably the reason we relate our faith to a spiritual walk or journey. What are some parallels you see between a walk outside and a walk of faith?