Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Brief History

Here is a short story that reflects the history of the Church. Please feel free to comment or make your own additions or observations.

There was a city long ago where a humble business owner ran his small shop. The Owner had this ability to be able to anticipate the needs of the people who lived in the city. And so his business prospered as did the city. The Owner had children whom he trained to take on the business and these children learned to also anticipate the needs of people of the city and provided exceptional wares at reasonable prices. They began to open shops in other neighbourhoods and other cities and even other countries. Over the centuries the legacy of the humble shop owner was faithfully transferred from one generation to another and the stores and the communities they served were better because of it.
As one might expect though, after many years some of the descendants did not operate according to the values of the Owner. Somehow the importance of the family values was not perceived by these new owners. They started to dictate to the cities they were in what those citizens needed. Through clever marketing, and aggressive pricing they coaxed citizens to just buy what was on sale. This worked for a while, but soon the cities where these shops were started to suffer. Some of the descendants of the Owner began to look back on what past generations had done and what their business strategies had been. They discovered that what they were doing had significantly departed from the values of their ancestors. They called for reform in all the stores. Some heard the plea, and responded with change. Others heard the plea and responded by trying to drive this reformed business model out of town. In the end there was a split within the company. Some chose to return to what had been the practices of the early stores, while others chose to continue with the extra practices that they thought the business could not do without.

Today these stores still exist, and there have now been many divisions within the company. Each store has had reform and has tried to return to the original practices of the Owner. Those who still endeavour to meet the needs of their city do well and the city is better for it.