Where are you? 
We are located at 334 14th Ave S in beautiful Cranbrook BC 

What time are your services?
September through June: 10:30am. July and August 10:00am.

Do you have kids programs?
Indeed we do, kids are a vital part of our community. Check out FBC Kids.

Youth? Yep.
Check out FBC Youth for the info.

Are you involved  in the community of Cranbrook?
Of course. We love this town and strive to be involved. More info here

I want to grow spiritually. Can you help?
Spiritual growth is what makes our church community moving forward. Learn more.

Who are you affiliated with?
We are affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and Canadian Baptist Ministries

What do you believe?
We share core Christian beliefs with other Christian denominations and churches. A good summary is the “Statement of Faith” of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

How do I get in touch?
All sorts of ways. But start here.