FBC Cranbrook's Mission Statement

To hear and know the voice of God – and respond to it.


FBC's Definition of Vision.

We believe that vision is both exciting and essential!
Our mission, vision and priority statements (which together we’ll refer to as our ‘vision’) stem from a relationship between our congregation and our leadership and pastors. We seek to articulate what God is calling us to do and to be. In this relationship, we discern the church’s direction within real and current dynamics of the congregation. This makes the vision relevant and accountable to the specific time, context, demographics and dynamics of the church and community. As these dynamics change or evolve, the vision of the church needs to be regularly evaluated to determine if it still reflects God’s leading. We do so with care and patience. As a result, the vision can in fact change, and for good reason. Our local identity is more fixed, although it may also change, for example through a church plant. The Values, Focus and Statement of Faith, which undergird the vision and mission, are not subject to regular revision. They are rooted in unchangeable truths and long held beliefs.
View our Mission, Vision, Focus and Statement of Faith here.