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"Faith Works":  A series through the book of James

"Faith Works": A series through the book of James

And more than that, a time this fall to live out the incredible dynamic of having our relationship with God find expression and contact in our world through the things that we do. James writes in his book that "As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead."(James 2:26) We in our Western culture and mindset love to know things, but far too often in our faith that leaves us with a head knowledge and no action in our lives to form us or transform the world around us in the Kingdom that Jesus taught about. The book of James challenges us to live out our faith in overtly practical ways, even to the point of calling us hypocritical liars if we don't. But it also touches on the heavy and hard dynamics of our faith and relationship with God when we are in the midst of suffering. As Christians, the "F" word that should cause others to pay attention and startle a situation is "Faith", the trick is to develop the character and actions that reveal and prove that our "F" word is profound and powerful. So, I invite you this fall to join us on Sunday mornings, listen to the series online (http://www.fbccranbrook.org/resources1/sermon-podcast), join in a small group, and live out all that you are learning and becoming - revealing to the world that "Faith Works".