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Faith Works, Part 5

Faith Works, Part 5

Faith and Deeds.

Please take a moment to watch the short video from RightNow Media about how connected faith and deeds are.


It seems almost absurd that we would separate actions/works/deeds from our faith . . . but it can and does happen. Sometimes it is a misguided assurance that a simple prayer or intellectual acknowledge of repentance is good enough for a relationship with God, or perhaps it is the slow decline of a vibrant active faith into a life dictated by cultural demands (or many other reasons for that matter) that reduces our faith to mere lip service, we must always take seriously the outworking of our faith. Outworking, actions, deeds, works -  all of these words describing what we must do with our faith to keep it vibrant for us, and more so to practically express love and care to our neighbors and the least, lost, poor, neglected and nearly dead.
Therefore let’s be eager to prepare, to pray, to pay attention and to step out in courage; putting our faith into practical action and care.  
May the Spirit lead you and guide you as you do so!
Pastor Kevin