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Faith Works, Part 7

Faith Works, Part 7

We have just learned how powerful and evil spreading (or life giving) "the tongue", our words, can be. (James 3:1-12) In light of that, this past Sunday we talked about wisdom - embodied words! There is a type of wisdom or "way of living" that the world promotes:bitter, envious, self promoting, earthly (or tied to the things of this world), unspiritual, of the devil (proud and self seeking, evil).
Yet the wisdom God imparts to those who ask and seek is "other", it is:
Pure, peace-loving, considerate (has a sweet-reasonableness to it),submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere, and causes people to be peacemakers.
This way of living is profound because, as I have said, it is embodied! It is not just words, it is the posture and character of people as they live out their lives in relationship with the Trinity.  
Where in your life are you living more by a worldly way?
Where are you living in a way this if filled with Godly wisdom?
Who are people that you know, and have seen the Godly ways of wisdom working out in their life?  (Can you please send a text, write a note, give them a call and tell them how you see them doing this and how great it is!)
Let us be children of God who take the practical teaching of James and put it into practice so that our lives embody these powerful words of heavenly wisdom. (For what good is faith without deeds)
Our Lord and Teacher in this is Jesus. And yet we have many around us as reference to the Spirit working out wisdom in the world. One such saint was Jean Vanier. I leave you with his words:

“If we listen to the word of God,

If we take God’s promises seriously,

If we are nourished in the work of the people and practices that keep Jesus central in community,

If we worship regularly with others in church,

If we accept to be accompanied on life’s journey by a man or women of God,

If we walk simply and humbly with the weak and the poor,

we will begin, little by little, to understand things

we have never before understood.

We will become more peaceful and more loving.”

Pastor Kevin Ewaskow