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Faith Works, Part 9

Faith Works, Part 9

First I wanted to thank you all for your attention and commitment as we journeyed through the book of James. There were many comments this fall about the impact of the series and your testimonies and sharing this past Sunday during prayer time were evidence of that.  
As we closed out the book James sets before us some pillars of the early church that still stand, or should still stand today: Healing, forgiveness and truth. (Jas. 5:13-20) And his encouragement with these pillars was to make them present through prayer and action. (Does that sound similar to "faith and deed" - exactly!) Pray in faith, seek healing, confess your sins in humility, do what is right, seek out those who are wandering from God's truth, bring them back with love, and the church will experience deepening health. So be it (Amen)

I took some time and formed a prayer that encompasses much of what we learned in James. I have personalized the pronouns, but I would encourage you to make it a practice of changing them from "I" to "us / our", "me" to we". For we do not make this journey alone, and we need the fellowship and companionship of our community. Peace and courage to you all, from our Lord God.
Pastor Kevin.

Lord God –

Abundantly gracious Father of life,

Jesus the son – my Lord and our Friend,

And Holy Spirit, counselor and helper -

make me whole and complete as I persevere.

Increase my desire to eagerly listen to the Word, doing what it says.

Please bind and blend my faith and deeds together as a glorious testimony and witness of the power of the Gospel;

Reshape my heart so that my tongue speaks words of life and hope.

Impart wisdom that is pure – full of the fruit of the Spirit,

Cause me to humbly present myself before you Lord,

And lift me up so that I might stand for you.

Transforming my inner need for control

to a life of patient and faithful trust in Your will for each day.

May healing, forgiveness and truth be my pillars.

And in faith, as I pray, and sing praises, and confess, and seek out the wanderer, bringing them back to truth - strengthen our faith!

In all of this, may I trust that the good fruit that is promised will be abundant in my life, for Your Kingdom,

always Your Kingdom

To the glory of our incredible God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.