FBC Parents

Parents! Welcome to your resource page!

It is important for us at FBC to create intentional opportunities where families are equipped, encouraged and handed tools that empower them to lead their kids on a journey of faith. And boy do we have tools!

This year our parent resources will be based on the 2 curriculum we will be using: The Story and Orange.

THE STORY From October until Easter our church as a whole is participating in THE STORY curriculum. 

Parent Resource: The Story curriculum includes a Parents’ Page for each lesson, which offers parents ideas for interacting with their entire family around the week’s Bible story.
Each Parents’ Page offers ideas for how to use these pages in the family. The points for the Bible story are included and families are given “Table Talk” questions that can be adapted for each age level. These questions can be used to explore the Bible story at the dinner table, in the car, or at other times when the family is together. Each Parents’ Page also includes a “Living the Faith” activity. This might be a game, art project, or other fun activity the whole family can engage in around the Bible story. And, lastly, these pages include an “Extra Mile” activity for those families who still crave more learning activities around the week’s Bible story.
Families do not have to do all the activities in the Parents’ Page. Some weeks they may only get to the “Table Talk” questions while other weeks they may find they have time to do more of the activities and spend more time engaging with the Bible story.

ORANGE  After Easter we will re-engage with our Orange Strategy. We have been using the Orange Strategy for many years now for our children and family ministries and just love it! Orange has great resources for you, parents, because you are the main disciplers of your children. Here are some of the resources we hope you will use to team up with us to raise your children as followers of Christ.

First, to find out what Orange is about and the curriculum we are using with your children please have a look at the "FBC Kids" page on our website or check out their website: www.whatisorange.org


Most of the songs we sing during our worship time with your kids can be found on these playlists:
Search under "First Baptist" and look for FBC Kids Elementary or FBC Kids Preschool
From there you can purchase one song or whole albums!


With the Orange Curriculum (My First Look and 252 Basics) parents are given a PARENT CUE each month. The Orange curriculum wouldn’t be complete without parent pieces to synchronize the home with what’s going on at church. They are called Parent CUES because they’re designed to “cue” parents to leverage everyday moments with their child to Connect to God’s story, to Uncover something about life, and to Experience something together.
Parent CUE: Notes to parents that help them know what their child learned this week, and to CUE them to continue the conversation at home. The Parent Cue emphasizes certain "times". By following these simple CUEs based on Deuteronomy 6:7, a parent can make the most of everyday moments to instill faith and character in the heart of his or her child.
"Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." Deut 6:7
"when you sit at home" - MEALTIME - formal dialogue meant to establish virtues taught on Sunday
"when you sit at home" - HANGTIME - shared experiences with the purpose of creating memories
"when you walk along the road" - DRIVETIME - informal dialogue for the purpose of interpreting life
"when you lie down" - BEDTIME - intimate conversation to build intimacy
"when you get up" - MORNINGTIME - encouraging words to instill purpose

Your "Cue" comes in different formats:

Parent Cue Card:  These cards are given to your child to take home at the beginning of the month and they communicate four things to parents.
1.     the month’s life app
2.     the month’s memory verse
3.     the week’s Bible story
4.     a cue to prompt parents to connect with their kids each week
This card could be in the form of a piece of paper, a magnet, a placemat (preschool only) or bookmark. It lists what your child will be learning this month and ways to continue learning it at home with you. It is also listed on the church website if you lose it.
Parent Cue App: Every month, the Parent Cue App focuses on one specific Life App. Parents receive prompts for videos, activities, discussion questions and more that help them guide their child into a deeper faith. The app is free and available in the Apple App Store or Android Market.

Parent Cue Blog (www.theparentcue.org): This is a great website to connect you to a wider community of parents and leaders; and to expand your ideas, skills and influence as a parent. On this website you find:
1. Blogs by Orange founder Reggie Joiner, children's pastors and other orange parents
2. Podcasts
3. Discussions on parent topics

4. Parenting small group videos (for free!) and more!

ORANGE PARENTS WEBSITE - www.orangeparents.org

This is a great website to connect you to a wider community of parents and leaders; and to expand your ideas, skills and influence as a parent. On this website you find:
1. Blogs by Orange founder Reggie Joiner, children's pastors and other orange parents
2. Podcasts
3. Discussions on parent topics
4. Parenting small group videos (for free!)
5. and more!

STUDIO 252 (www.studio252.tv)

If you haven’t checked out this amazing resource you need to do so! Orange’s Studio252TV website is free for elementary students and their families. They have live episodes on Sunday if you miss church as well as the videos and movies from the past Sunday that center on the month’s Life App and bible stories. There are activities to do as a family, things to read, crazy challenges and fantastic music. Enjoy all the features on Studio252.tv—from fun activities to stories and additional videos—all centered on the monthly Life App. And because it’s easily accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device, families can check it out on vacation, during a sick day, or while waiting for an older sibling to finally get out of violin rehearsal. So check out www.studio252.tv today!