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FBCC Elders Report for November 2017

We move through the Advent season humbly and gratefully; the Maker of all has included Immanuel, God with us, in Our Story. Praise God for the Light of the World who came as a baby and the great wonder the Christmas season holds.
We are thankful for the November 28 congregational meeting. Thank you for all your prayers through the month of November, and your engagement. Has the Lord not blessed us in 2017 and given us a hopeful vision for 2018?! The 2018 budget was approved, with estimated 2018 costs at $400,236. This is approximately a 4% increase over actual and projected costs to the end of December 2017. A church budget is a speculative agreement that we hold prayerfully and collectively; a reflection of our vision to serve others and mature in our own discipleship.  
Thank you to Jim Nicol, Jamie Jeffers, Jeffery Williams, Chris Bergen, Jeff Sotropa and the rest of the Space committee crew for their faithful and diligent attention to the Space project. Thank you to Becky McArthur and Rachel Friesen for joining the team! Please pray for continued wisdom for this group and their leadership. May a spark of opportunity meeting need be generated for the Space project in a way that seems good to us at FBCC and to the Holy Spirit.    
FBCC is blessed to help friends and families through benevolent giving, particularly during the Christmas season. Thank you to those who have contributed to the benevolent fund this year and thank you for considering contributing to the Benevolent fund; the FBC Elders and pastoral staff prayerfully and joyfully steward benevolent giving as opportunities arise.    
Do you know of an FBCC member who you think would be a good fit for the Elders Board? If so, please chat with someone on the Nominating Committee (Molly van Leusden, Wendy Clibbett, Stephen Wik, Tim Matwey, Dale-Ann van Leusden and Tyler Birkham). The Elders Board helps cast our FBCC vision and support the pastoral and staff team as this vision is fostered. Diversity of age, gender and experience is valued; please pray and consider members in our midst that would be a good fit for the team!
Our journey together each month brings joy as well as trials and hardship. We celebrate the profound joys, big and small. And may we all have the courage to share the burden of hard things as they come our way. Our prayers for the people and families going through hard things.
May the peace, grace and good favour of the Lord be yours,

Tyler Birkham on behalf of the FBCC Elders Board

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